Introducing myself

So, it has come to this…

I’ve decided to start a blog. I’ve been meaning to practice my writing, and communication style to improve each. In my personal life, I have setup and actively maintain an internal wiki. This project is a different endeavour. Instead of documentation for my own purposes, I want to reach a wider audience with less ‘specificness’, and share my experiences. From the mundane that I often don’t care to remember (what is the syntax of tshark to display DNS op codes?), to the complicated assembly level reverse engineering of … whatever. This blog is not about those specific searches..

Instead, this blog will be about how I came to be searching for those things to begin with! What problems am I trying to solve, how did I end up solving them, and what learned along the way. Certainly as time goes on I will be able to improve upon my knowledge base and process. I would rather automate and script the basics, in order to focus on the more difficult aspects. And of course, no personal blog would be complete without a few ranting posts every now and then.

I have worked on many aspects of technology and information security throughout my career. From physical security as a US Army Military Police, to computer network forensics as a Security and Threat Intel Analyst. There is no problem too challenging or mundane… I enjoy solving problems. My goal is to design and implement elegant solutions to complex problems.

I am a security analyst with a a passion for open source projects and the Linux Operating System. I have experience with many aspects related to Information Technology, including devops and system administration, network security administration, and other information security related aspects. My primary skills and knowledge are in Linux administration and information security/Blue team, incident response.

Hopefully this explains a bit more about who I am and what I hope to acheive with this blog.

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